How Do You Clean Urine Out Of A Microfiber Couch?

Having pets in the house is really a wonderful feeling, playing with them gives you lots of happiness and keeps your stress away. While playing with the pets you’ll feel refreshing and energetic. Taking them out to park or backyard and spending some precious time makes you feel fresh and peaceful.

However, once coming to cleaning part, many questions and anxieties arise because most of the common house pets such as dogs and cats have the untoward habit of urinating on the sofas and other upholstered furniture. At this moment, Leather Upholstery Cleaning is really difficult and the most irritating part is the odor!  This will happen when the pets are young or if they are not trained to go out for urinating. However, if you have pets day or another day you have to experience the mess created by them. It is not that only pets urinate on the microfiber couch even if you have kids in your home this problem is really unpredictable until they grow bigger. The matter is how will you deal with it? Here are the tips to clean the pet urine from the upholstery.

Cleaning The Microfiber Couch by using an Enzymatic Cleaner

  • Try to find the urinated spots on upholstery as fast as possible- it is always very difficult and tricky to remove the pet urine when it gets soaked deeper into the microfiber couch. If you find urinated spot immediately, it is well and good, if not you can use the black light to spot the urinated area. Through black light, you can easily find out the urine spot even after one or two days. Mark the area so that you can easily start the cleaning process.
  • Once you find the urinated spot just soak the urine with newspaper or towel to remove as much as possible urine. Use newspaper or paper towel and press the spot to blot the urine. Put gloves while pressing the upholstery because you have press down harder and deeper.
  • Use the enzymatic liquid to soak the urine, just apply the cleaner on the affected area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes blot the cleaner again using the newspaper or paper towel and leave it to dry well in the good ventilation. Try to repeat the same process until the liquid doesn’t eliminate the stain and odor. Pet urine requires enzymes to break down its chemical bonds. Alternately try using vinegar and lukewarm water to remove pet urine from the microfiber couch.

Cover the Urinated Area During The Cleaning process and Drying Process

It is very important to cover the urinated area during the Couch Cleaning and drying process because if your pet or kid accidentally urinates again on the same spot your work will go even worse. At this moment you must definitely call the professional to treat the issue. Cover the urinated area with aluminum foil to prevent the pet from urinating again on the same spot. The drying process takes a long time especially when the stain is deep and you have used more enzymatic liquid. It is best to dry the microfiber couch furniture under good ventilation for fast drying. Switch fans both ceiling and stand fans to fasten the drying process.

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