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Ever dream you could go to outer space and walk on the moon? Or maybe you just like beautiful things, or a collector of one-of-a-kind, unique products? If yes, then Lunar Moon Lamp is your next best option. Move yourself to space and rest in the bright glow of the moon with this Moon Lamp. Try to resist spending hours lost in your imagination while gaze at this exciting globe.  Once you turn it on it’s hard to stop looking at it and wondering about life outside of earth. This Moon Lamp is the perfect gift for any person. Moon Lamps are available in 3 sizes, with a wood base or ceramic hand and Moon Lamps are 3D printed with Eco-friendly materials.

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You have only ever dreamed of touching the moon. Now treat yourself with the restful glow of our photo realistic moonlight. The LED light adjusts from soft white to yellow, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing night or a loving date.  The lamp comes with 3 lighting modes: Pure-White, Warm White, Seven colors Auto change.

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Moon Lamp is made from a glass fiber ball covered in layers of non-toxic latex and it glow just like a beautiful high-quality copy of the actual moon, mostly in terms of its bright brilliance, colors and shape. You can touch to change color and adjust brightness. It’s the design decor that turns your space into a magical world. The Lunar Moon Lamp lightens up your desired reading area. You decide what Lunar Moon Lamp is, and how you want to make your life better with it.The Moon table lamp uses reflected light to create a warm glow. It is a great thoughtful object that gives ample ambient light. Each base is unique and made from Redwood or Walnut. It includes a rechargeable battery and USB power cord for portability. It available in 6 sizes and you can switch between the different colors modes with a click.

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