Top Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods We Should Be Aware Of.


Top Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods We Should Be Aware Of.

Your carpet is the most prized possession in your home. You give great care and invest your time maintaining them. But nothing beats a Professional Carpet Cleaning service. No matter how hard you try some stains or dirt that is accumulated on your carpet only demands expert service.

Speaking on the same note, if you are taking a professional carpet cleaning service, you should also be aware that every company follows different cleaning techniques. It is necessary you understand and gain knowledge on this because not all cleaning methods may prove good for the health of your carpet. To make sure the service is extending the life of your carpet, keep yourself updated about different carpet cleaning methods and make the right choice.

Some of the professional carpet cleaning methods you should be familiar with,    

Hot Water Extraction

Also referred as steam cleaning, hot water extraction process is one of the popular techniques used by Best Carpet Steam Cleaning professionals. Even though the word is synonyms with the term ‘steam’, there is hardly any steam involved.

Months of dirt and stain are hard to remove. It’s quite necessary you have some effective cleaning method that would make your carpet as good as new again. Hot water extraction method is the right choice. The technique involves propelling hot water and cleaning agents at extremely high pressure to loosen hard sticking dirt and grime. Further, to remove hot water, high-powered vacuuming is performed. Compared to DIY process, this method gives thorough and deep cleaning for your carpet. Not only your carpet will be cleaned of dirt from the deep down layers but will be free from odor-causing bacteria.        

Shampoo Treatment

Carpet shampooing is one of the oldest cleaning methods. The process is very simple. Your carpet will be treated with shampoo, followed by, to remove chemicals; your carpet is then washed with water. Even though the service is relatively simple and economical, not many prefer this cleaning method. Irrespective of rinsing, the chemicals may remain. This will eventually turn sticky and start emanating bad odor.

Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet cleaning process involves spraying the carpet with pre-spray and then cleaning with a machine having a large rotating bonnet or absorbent pad. After pre-spray, the machine with bonnets will be placed over the carpet surface. These bonnets will be either dry or moistened and will turn in circular motion absorbing soil as it moves over the carpet.

Make sure your service providers are using optical brighteners in the detergent solution. This will leave your carpet much brighter and cleaner after a professional service.     

It is believed that bonnet cleaning or spin bonnet carpet cleaning is not sufficient to remove difficult spots or deeply embedded dirt. The machine scrubs downward pushing the dirt deep into the carpet. It is unlikely you can expect deep cleaning service for your carpet.     

Young woman using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning carpet in the house.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

The advantage of dry organic Carpet Steam Cleaning process leaves no residue and that is one of the greatest advantages over hot water extraction or steam cleaning process.

This modern, low moisture carpet cleaning method involves eco-friendly cleaning agents. Post cleaning service, you will not find any residue sticking out of your carpet; hence there will be no odor or surface dirt.

The market for these ‘very-low moisture’ systems or dry cleaning methods is increasing as they lead to less-resoiling post professional cleaning service.

Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapping or encapsulation cleaning process is very low moisture type of cleaning method. Under the cleaning method, polymers or the cleaning agents are utilized to encapsulate dirt and soil from the carpet. The crystallized dirt is then vacuumed away. There will be no sticky-residue or resoiling as the cleaning process does not involve shampoo or excess wet.

The low moisture Carpet Cleaning method ensures faster drying and perhaps this will keep your newly cleaned carpet from attracting dirt in that time-frame.

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